Immigration Services in Czech Republic

With beautiful landscapes and cities, Czech Republic is one of the European countries where foreigners prefer to relocate for short-term purposes or for indefinite periods of time. The procedure for immigrating to Czech Republic depends based on the nationality of the foreigners, which are basically divided into two categories: persons who are citizens of the member-states of the European (EU) and persons who arrive from non-EU countries. Both categories will be able to apply for the Czech citizenship.

Depending on the reason for which a person is interested in relocating here, various documents will be required and this is why we highly recommend foreigners to request information from our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic. Even though the procedure can be handled by the applicant, it is better to obtain legal advice from a specialist in the field, who has extensive knowledge of the applicable law and who can provide up-to-date and reliable information.

How can we assist in Czech Republic immigration procedures?

Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can provide legal assistance and legal representation to natural persons seeking to relocate in this country for employment purposes or other purposes that are prescribed by the national law. Foreigners can also request information on the legal steps one should follow when immigrating to Czech Republic for business purposes. Some of the basic immigration services foreigners can receive are presented below:

obtaining residence permits for short-term basis or obtaining permanent residence permits;
• assisting foreigners in employment matters in Czech Republic (applying for Blue Cards, assisting in intra-company transfers or general work permits);
• assisting foreign investors in obtaining a Czech long-term residence permit for business purposes;
• providing legal advice on family reunification programs addressed to EU or non-EU persons;
obtaining a visa for Czech Republic and applying for the Czech citizenship.

Who needs a residence permit in Czech Republic?

Czech Republic is a member state of the EU, which means that EU citizens are entitled to live and work here without completing compulsory immigration steps. With regards to the issuance of the temporary residence permit, it must be noted that EU citizens are not obliged to apply for such a document, but they may apply for it if they want to. The document is necessary in the case of those living in this country for a period longer than 90 days and it is compulsory for citizens outside the EU.

Those who want to immigrate to Czech Republic for a longer period of time can apply for a Czech long-term residence permit which can be issued for a wide range of reasons, as follows: studies, scientific research, employment, business, family reunification programs or investment. Foreigners from outside the EU seeking for employment in this country can apply for a employee card, which will allow them to stay in this country for a period of up to two years.

The document can be renewed upon its expiration for the same purpose for which it was issued the first time. Please mind that the application procedure can last approximately 90 days and our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present in-depth information on the steps the applicant should expect when applying for this type of document.

How many immigrants live in Czech Republic?

The number of foreigners immigrating to Czech Republic increased at a steady rate in the last decade. The latest data provided by the Directorate of the Alien Police Service measures the number of foreigners based on the residence permits issued by the local authorities (long-term residence permits and foreigners with permanent residence in Czech Republic). The data regarding this matter is presented below:

• in 2004, permanent residence was awarded to 99,000 foreigners, while 115,000 persons had Czech long-term residence permit documents;
• 10 years later, in 2014, 250,000 foreigners had permanent residence in this country, while 200,000 immigrants obtained long-term residence cards;
• in 2016, 272,000 foreigners obtained permanent residency and 221,000 immigrants had long-term residence permits;
• in 2018, the number of foreigners with permanent residency increased at 289,000 and the number of long-term residence permits increased at 275,000;
• at the level of 2017, the net migration rate in Czech Republic was of 2.3 migrants per 1,000 persons living here.

More information on the services foreigners can receive when immigrating to Czech Republic can be obtained from our lawyer. We invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic for in-depth advice on any of the procedures related to immigration in this country. You can also receive full assistance on the issuance of the Czech citizenship.

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