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About us

Our law firms is ready to assist foreigners moving to Czech Republic, as, over the years, we have handled numerous cases related to immigration. We highly recommend foreigners who want to relocate in this country to request legal representation on the procedures that are imposed by the local authorities and legal advice on the applicable law in this field.

Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present the legal framework applicable to the specific nationality of the applicant who is interested in relocating in this country and can also provide in-depth information on the procedures the applicant should expect, depending on his or her particular case (visa, Czech long term residence permit, etc.).

Why select our Czech Republic immigration services?

Our team of lawyers is prepared to handle a wide variety of legal cases related to civil and commercial law. Our law firm has in-depth experience in the business sector, representing investors interested in starting a business in this country in all the aspects related to the registration of a company.

Here, we can also represent foreign investors who want to open a company in Czech Republic and who are interested in relocating here for a given period of time. Thus, besides providing legal representation for starting a business, we can offer information on the types of visas investors can obtain, or the minimum requirements that must be satisfied when moving to Czech Republic as a foreign investor.

Businessmen can rely on our professional services on the following corporate aspects: buying a shelf company, selecting the services of a virtual office, opening a corporate bank account, consulting services on the Czech tax and accounting laws, legalization of documents and other specific services.

When referring to the immigration services provided by us, foreign investors and natural persons wishing to relocate to Czech Republic for work or personal reasons can benefit from our advice. Foreigners must know that Czech Republic, a country that is a member state of the European Union (EU), distinguishes between EU citizens and non-EU citizens, but both categories are entitled to apply for the Czech citizenship after living here for a specific amount of time.

Thus, EU citizens benefit from the right of free movement and can enjoy the same legal treatment as it is in the case of Czech citizens, in most of the areas prescribed by the immigration law. However, non-EU nationals must comply with more stringent regulations, which will require them to apply for a Czech long term residence permit or temporary residence permit, based on the duration of their stay and the purpose of the visit. In this case, our immigration lawyer can be of help, in legal matters such as:

• applying for the EU Blue Card – a type of permit that is addressed to non-EU nationals who have a university degree and who will work in Czech Republic for a period of at least three months;
• registrations with the local institutions – this is a necessary step upon the arrival in this country and it can refer to registrations with the local police, the tax office, the social security system and other similar institutions;
• applying for a temporary residence permit – the legislation stipulates that EU citizens are not obliged to apply for this permit, but if they want to be the holders of this document, which provides specific rights, they can apply for it;
• assistance in applying for a long-term visa in Czech Republic – the procedure must be started in the country in which the foreigner is currently a resident;
• legal assistance for businessmen who want to start a business here and who are interested in moving to Czech Republic.

What are the countries immigrants come from in Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic accounts for approximately half a million immigrants living here, based on the data of the Ministry of Interior. This number represents immigrants who have obtained a legal document that attests the right of living here. In 2017, the data on those moving to Czech Republic shows the following:

• in 2017, Czech Republic had more than 524,000 immigrants from EU and non-EU countries;
• foreigners living here accounted for 4.95% of the total Czech population (more than 10,59 million);
• Slovakia accounted for 111,533 immigrants and Ukraine accounted for 116,998 persons;
Vietnamese immigrants represented the 3rd most important foreign population, of 59,727 persons;
• Russia accounted for 36,738 persons, Germany for 21,249 persons and Poland for 20,645 persons.

Persons interested in moving to Czech Republic can request more information on the immigration services available here from our  lawyers. We invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic for in-depth advice on any inquiries you may have related to the procedure of moving in this country, as well as on other legal procedures one must met after arriving here, but also for guidance for obtaining the Czech citizenship.