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Obtain Czech Citizenship

Obtain Czech Citizenship

As a foreigner moving to Czech Republic, you are entitled to obtain the Czech citizenship in given circumstances. The manner in which foreigners can acquire the citizenship in this country is regulated by the Act No. 186/2013 Coll., on Czech citizenship and on amendments to certain acts (the Czech Citizenship Act).

If you are interested in immigrating to Czech Republic on a permanent basis, the legal pathway through which a foreigner can acquire the citizenship, you can address to our lawyer. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can detail the entire procedure you should expect, depending on the current situation of the applicant. You can address to our lawyer for advice on the Czech long term residence permit as well.

Persons who are interested in acquiring citizenship in 2021 in Czech Republic do not have to comply with any new regulations. However, in 2021, the Czech authorities organize a national census regarding the population of the Czech Republic and it is important to know that this census will also include persons who have obtained their permanent residency here. Also, if you are a Czech citizen and in 2021 you live in another country, you can participate in the census by completing the online form.

What are the basic conditions for acquiring the Czech citizenship in 2021?

The Czech Citizenship Act provides the basic conditions through which a foreigner can obtain the citizenship. New regulations were enforced starting with 1st of January 2014 and foreigners must be aware that the Ministry of the Interior is the sole institution which can decide on granting the Czech citizenship to a foreigner (the institution also prescribes the steps for obtaining the Czech long term residence permit as well). In this sense, one should know that the following apply:

  • the basic legal requirements are prescribed by the Section 11 of the Act, which outlines the conditions for permanent residents and for applicants with an age above 15 years old;
  • an applicant can request the Czech citizenship if he or she has lived in Czech Republic for more than 5 years based on permanent residence permit;
  • the same is available if a foreigner has had a permanent residence permit for at least 3 years and if he or she is a citizen of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA);
  • the right to citizenship is also available for a foreigner who has lived in Czech Republic for an overall period of 10 years;
  • special conditions apply to those requesting the Czech citizenship and who have an age above 15 years old and less than 18 years old and to those who have an age above 65 years old.

For any person with an age above 15 years old, a clean criminal record is a prerequisite for the application, both in Czech Republic as well as in the country where the person is a national. Provided that the person has lived in multiple countries, the applicant must obtain from the respective policy authorities clean criminal records as long as the duration of the stay in the said countries was of more than six months/per each state.

What are the Czech language requirements?

At the moment when the application was made, the person requesting the Czech citizenship must comply with certain requirements that are applicable under the Czech law. An extensive presentation can be made by our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic, but you should know that proficiency in the Czech language is necessary for any applicant.

Upon the formalities for obtaining the Czech citizenship, the applicant will need to pass a Czech language test; however, this will not be required if the applicant already holds specific diplomas that were issued by the local education institutions, such as high-school, university programs, or other certified Czech language institutions.

According to the Czech immigration law, the applicant does not have to provide any documents showing the knowledge of the Czech language, nor does he or she has to pass a test, if the age of the applicant is below 15 years old or above 65 years old. The same applies if the person has certain disabilities, physical or mental.

Are there other legal pathways for acquiring the Czech citizenship in 2021?

Yes, the new Czech immigration law on citizenship provides several legal options in this sense, which are represented by the following: citizenship by birth, by determination of paternity, by adoption, by being found on the Czech territory, by granting (the process presented above, which is generally the most common way for foreigners moving to Czech Republic) and by declaration.

Persons interested in relocating here are who are married or who are partners of a persons who have the Czech nationality should know that if they will have a child, the child will be entitled to the Czech citizenship. New born children also benefit from this right if they were born on the Czech territory from parents without a citizenship, as long as one of the parents has received the right to reside in this country for more than 90 days as the moment when the birth took place.

We invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic if you need further information on how to acquire the local citizenship. Our lawyer can present the main steps you should follow for any of the above legal ways that are prescribed by the legislation in the field.