Obtain Czech Passport

The Czech passport is a type of identity document that is issued by the Czech authorities to those who want to travel to foreign countries and who are Czech nationals. In other words, the document can only be obtained by persons who have the Czech citizenship (the right to having a Czech passport is available for all Czech nationals, regardless of the manner in which they have obtained their citizenship).

According to the applicable legislation, it must be known that Czech nationals living abroad, who still have the Czech citizenship, are also entitled to having a Czech passport and they can renew the document, upon expiration, at the Czech embassy operating in their region. If you are interested in obtaining a Czech passport, our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can provide advice on the procedure.

What are the Czech Republic passport requirements?

The procedures for obtaining a passport in the Czech Republic follow the EC Regulation No. 2252/2004. The regulation refers to the security measures taken for travel documents and the biometrics information that has to be included in such documents. The Czech passport that is currently issued by the local authorities represents a biometric passport, which became applicable in this country starting with 1st of September 2006.

It must be noted that the Czech Republic passport requirements stipulate that this travel document can be issued in the form of a biometric document for persons with an age above 5 years old. In the case of Czech citizens with an age between 5 and 15 years old, the validity of the international travel document will be of 5 years, while the validity for persons with an age above 15 years old will be of 10 years.

Persons moving to Czech Republic can also obtain a passport issued by the local authorities only after they have become permanent residents and have applied (and obtained) the Czech citizenship; our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present the procedures foreigners must complete when applying for the local citizenship.

What are the documents for the issuance of a Czech passport?

Persons applying for a travel document have to present a set of documents. The Czech Republic passport requirements are regulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the case of Czech citizens currently living in another jurisdiction. Below, you can find some of the documents that should be prepared for this procedure, but you can also request information from our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic:

• the Czech birth certificate, in the case of persons who were born as Czech nationals;
• the Czech marriage licenses, in the case of women who are married;
• standard photograph, as requested by the Czech immigration law;
• proof on the payment of the administrative fee for the issuance of the Czech passport;
• provided that the person needs to renew the travel document, the expired passport needs to be presented as well;
• the Czech Citizenship Certificate or identity document of the applicant.

How can one become a Czech citizen?

As a person moving to Czech Republic on a permanent basis, a foreigner has the legal right of becoming a citizen. In order to become a citizen, the person must apply for a Certificate of Citizenship as stipulated by the Citizenship Act. Once this is completed, the person will also be entitled to a Czech passport. One can obtain the Czech citizenship in the following cases:

• the person can apply for the Czech citizenship if he or she has a Czech long term residence  permit here for minimum 5 years;
• the citizenship can be obtained by those who have attended for at least 3 years classes held in the Czech language;
• persons with an age below 15 years can obtain the Czech citizenship if they have been living here for at least 10 years;
• Sections 17 and 18 of the Act stipulate the manner in which foreigners can apply for the Czech citizenship;
• the Citizenship Act No. 186 – 2013Sb was modified and came into force starting with 1st of January 2014.

Persons who are interested in becoming Czech citizens and obtaining the Czech passport can contact our lawyer for advice on the documents that must be submitted in this case. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can offer more information on other aspects involved in this procedure that can be of interest for the applicant.

It is also necessary to know that those who are interested in the Czech Republic passport requirements have to know the Czech language in order to apply for a travel document, this being one of the main conditions, regardless of the country from where the person starts the application process. Our lawyer can also help in obtaining a Czech long term residence permit here.

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