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Obtain Czech Republic Student Visa

Obtain Czech Republic Student Visa

Students who have applied to university classes in Czech Republic and who have been accepted in one of the local universities may need to apply for a visa that will given them the right of living and studying here. This aspect depends on the nationality of the applicant. In the case of those interested in studying here, who are citizens of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), there aren’t any requirements for the Czech Republic student visa.

Still, even in the case of EU students relocating to Czech Republic for studies purposes only there are specific obligations that must be met after their arrival. They must register with the Foreign Police Department if the duration of the stay is longer than 90 days. In the case of third country nationals, the Czech Republic student visa application must be started at the embassy or consulate operating in their home country, and the procedure must be completed prior to their arrival; our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can offer more details.

What are the documents necessary for Czech Republic student visa?

In order to apply for visa for studies purposes in Czech Republic, foreign students must make the proof of the fact that they have been accepted to a local university. Considering that most of the students will spend longer periods of time here (most of the programs have a minimum duration of 3 months, as specific programs grant the right of studying here for a semester), they should apply for a long-term stay visa. A student visa does not grant the option of a applying for the Czech citizenship.

This type of document will give them the right of moving to Czech Republic for minimum 3 months and, in the case of those who have enrolled in bachelor degrees or master’s degrees, they should also apply for a residence permit. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present the procedure students should follow when applying for a Czech long term residence permit. Although the documents students should prepare can vary, some of the common papers they should present are the ones mentioned below:

• a completed application form, requesting the issuance of the Czech Republic student visa;
• the proof of acceptance at a local university, which can take the form of a letter of acceptance;
• the person’s valid passport and the proof that he or she has the necessary financial means to live here;
• a confirmation on the place where the person will reside for the duration of the studies;
• a health insurance recognized at a international level and the clean criminal record.

In the case in which the student was accepted at a summer school or another type of program with a duration shorter than 3 months, then the Czech immigration law stipulates that he or she has to apply for a short-term stay visa. In this case, the person is entitled to apply for a Schengen visa, which can also grant the opportunity of visiting other Schengen states.

Please note that the issuance of the student visa can be accepted as long as the foreigner enrolled to classes that are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. However, foreign students who have enrolled in other types of studying programs, that are not regulated by the above mentioned institutions can still apply for a visa, but not the one issued for students.

Persons relocating to Czech Republic for studies purposes should make the necessary arrangements so that they can have their visa in due time. A Czech Republic student visa can be processed in a period of 60 days, while the visa for other types of purposes (issued for a long-term stay), can be processed in 90 days. Persons who have decided that they want to relocate in this country can request information from our lawyer on permanent residency requirements, as well for Czech citizenship regulations.

How many foreign students study in Czech Republic?

Czech Republic is a very attractive destination for students around the world. The number of foreign students has rapidly increased in the last two decades, especially since the Erasmus program became very accessible to European students. The country is home of more than half a million foreigners and foreign students represent an important group, as follows:

• in the last 15 years, the number of foreign students increased 3 times;
• in 2018, the Czech immigration institutions presented that the Czech universities had more than 85,000 foreign students;
• compared to 2003, this represented a massive increase, as in that year, there were only 33,000 foreign students;
• foreign students account for approximately 15% of all the students enrolled in Czech universities;
• in 2018, the country received more than 11,000 students enrolled in the Erasmus program.

Students who want to obtain a Czech Republic student visa are invited to address to our lawyer for tailored advice. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present the steps regarding the issuance of the visa, the fees involved and the procedures for applying for a temporary residence permit or for a Czech long term residence permit, if they want to relocate here after graduation.