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Czech Republic Tourist Visa

Czech Republic Tourist Visa

Persons who are citizens of the European Union (EU) do not need to apply for a visa when visiting the country. However, not all non-EU nationals need a Czech Republic tourist visa if they arrive here only for purposes that are not related to financial gain.

It must be noted, from the beginning, that the Czech Republic tourist visa represents a type of immigration document that is issued only for short-term stay purposes. This means that the tourist visa is a type of short-term stay visa or a Schengen visa, as it is known at a European level. You can find out more details on the issuance of this document from our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic. Please be aware that a tourist visa does not grant the foreigner the right of applying for the Czech citizenship.

Who needs a Czech Republic tourist visa?

As we mentioned earlier, the Czech Republic tourist visa is not required for EU nationals, but it is also not necessary for non-EU nationals and third country nationals. The citizens of numerous countries do not need this type of document when moving to Czech Republic for a short-term period for the purpose of visiting the country and the Schengen area.

Some of the nationalities that do not need the Czech Republic tourist visa are the following: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel, Japan, the United States of America and numerous others, which can be presented by our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic.

It must be noted that this visa can’t be used as a way of relocating to Czech Republic on a long-term basis, nor can it be used for any other purpose than the purpose of travelling. The nationals of countries such as Georgia, Belarus, Pakistan, Oman, Morocco, Tunisia, Thailand and others will be legally required to apply for a Czech Republic tourist visa.

What documents does one need for a Czech tourist visa?

According to the Czech immigration procedures and the EU legislation, a foreigner that is legally required to apply for a tourist visa should prepare a set of documents. The documents that are necessary for the issuance of the document are basically the same for any type of Schengen visa (and the Czech Republic tourist visa represents a sub-category of the Schengen visa), the difference being given by the purpose of stay. In this particular case, one should present the following:

• proof on having sufficient financial resources while relocating to Czech Republic on a short-term basis (which has to be of maximum 90 days);
• a travel medical insurance with a value of at least EUR 30,000 and which is recognized at the level of all the Schengen states;
• a valid passport that has an expiration date with at least 3 months longer than the date at which the visa will expire and the person will leave this country;
• 2 photographs respecting the standard format that is applicable here;
• bank statements of the visa applicant for the last 6 months.

The Czech Republic tourist visa requirements stipulate to add to the file an application form that has to be completed and signed by the applicant. The rules and the procedures applicable in this case are prescribed by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic.

Considering that this is a visa issued for traveling purposes, the applicant must also provide information on the place where his or her accommodation is booked (or, if the person has friends or family in this country, an invitation letter from such persons should be added to the application file), as well as details on the ticket reservation.

Besides the Czech Republic tourist visa, foreigners can arrive here on a short-term basis (any visit with a duration of less than 90 days in a total period of maximum 180 days) for other purposes, which are prescribed by the national law. You can receive more details on what other legal grounds can one obtain a Schengen visa from our lawyer, who can also advise on the procedures for obtaining a Czech long term residence permit.

How many tourists does Czech Republic receive?

Czech Republic is a beautiful country that attracts tourists from around the world. Although numerous foreign tourists are persons who are citizens of the EU, the country receives visitors from third countries as well, in which case, the Czech Republic tourist visa will be required. In 2019, the country had the following results in the tourism industry:

• in 2019, the country reached a new record of visitors, accounting for 22 million persons;
• compared to 2018, the number of visitors increased by 740,000 persons;
accommodation in Czech Republic registered a new record, with overnight stays accounting for 57 million bookings;
• Germans were the European nation which visited the most this country, accounting for more than 2 million visitors;
• the country received 612,000 tourists from China and 565,000 tourists from Russia.

More details on how to obtain a travel visa here can be requested from our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic. Our lawyer can also assist foreigners in obtaining a long-term visa or a Czech long term residence permit, which is needed after living here for a period of minimum 90 days. Our lawyer can present the legal steps you need to take if you want to relocate here on a permanent basis and apply for the Czech citizenship.