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Move from Australia to Czech Republic

Move from Australia to Czech Republic

Persons from Australia can arrive in Czech Republic under specific legal requirements. In the case in which they want to stay here for a period of maximum 90 days, they will not need to apply for a visa. Even though Australia is a third party country for Czech Republic, the authorities of the two states have signed an agreement which grants the right to Australians to arrive here visa-free, the only document necessary being their passport.

However, Australians who are interested in moving to Czech Republic for various purposes and for a period of time longer than three months will have to apply for a designated visa. Stays with a duration longer than 90 days also imply that the foreigner has to obtain a short-term residence permit; Australians can request information on this subject from our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic.

In what situations are Australians exempt from the Czech visa requirements?

Foreigners do not need to apply for a Czech Republic visa from Australia if the duration of their stay is of maximum 90 days in a period of 180 days. This is granted when the purpose of stay is related to visiting the country or for business purposes. However, the Australian citizen has certain obligations in this case, such as:

• be the holder of a valid passport valid for at least three months calculated since the moment of entry;
• have an empty page at the end of the passport (used for visas)
• make the proof that he or she has sufficient financial means to live here;
• provide information on the return airplane ticket and have documents stating the purpose of stay;
• be able to provide documents regarding the next destination, if this applies.

Persons who are moving to Czech Republic for a period of maximum 90 days may still need to apply for a visa if they want to develop an activity from which they will receive financial gains. Regarding this issue, Australians can verify the conditions presented by the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Sydney; additional details on this subject can be obtained from our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic.

Do Australian students need a visa for Czech Republic?

Yes, students are required to apply for a Czech Republic visa from Australia if they want to enroll in local universities. In this case, students have to apply for a long-term visa with the above mentioned institution and the application has to be made in person. The documents students have to provide are the same that are required for any long-term visa in Czech Republic and they need to be translated into the Czech language.

The applicants must also have travel medical insurance, but the Czech immigration law requires Australians to have a medical insurance from a licensed insurance operator that is recognized by the Czech authorities. However, travel medical insurance can also be purchased from any other insurance provider operating in the European Union, as the Czech law will also recognize this document as a valid one.

Can Australians apply for the Pilot Youth Work and Holiday Program in Czech Republic?

Yes, young persons from Australia can apply for the Pilot Youth Work and Holiday Program. Through this, those moving to Czech Republic can obtain a long-term stay visa. It must be observed that in order to apply for this Czech Republic visa from Australia, the person has to be an Australian citizen; Australian residents can’t apply for it. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present more information on this program, but foreigners should know the following:

• the program will be operational in Czech Republic until 28 February 2022;
• the applicant must have a minimum age of 18 years old at the moment when the application is made (and of maximum 26 years old);
• the person’s passport will have a validity date at least 3 months longer than the expiration of the visa;
• the person will have a travel medical insurance with a value of at least EUR 60,000, completed with an insurance company recognized in Czech Republic;
• provided that the income of the persons working here is above CZK 15,000 (or EUR 542), they may need to file a tax report.

Persons who want to apply for a Czech Republic visa from Australia can address to our lawyer for in-depth information on the types of documents they can obtain here.

Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present the types of work permits available here, as well as the Czech residence permit Australians can apply for.

Australians can also receive advice on how to become a Czech citizen through naturalization or how to obtain various rights through the Czech residency by investment program, when making an investment in the local economy.