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Czech Republic Visa for Pakistani

Czech Republic Visa for Pakistani

Some nationalities have to apply for short-term visas and long-term visas when arriving in Czech Republic. This is also the case of citizens of Pakistan, who will need to obtain a visa prior to their arrival in this country. The procedure for obtaining a Czech Republic visa for Pakistani will be started at the embassy or consulate operating in Pakistan. If you are interested in the Czech citizenship, the procedure can only be started with the local authorities, after living here several years.

Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can be of assistance to Pakistani citizens who want to obtain a local visa and can provide tailored assistance, depending on the purpose of stay and the duration of the visit. Pakistani citizens moving to Czech Republic on a long-term basis will be required to apply for a temporary residence permit, which will grant them the right to legally live here. They can also apply for a Czech residence permit for long term purposes.

What is the process of obtaining a Czech short-term visa?

Visits that have a duration of maximum 90 days in a total period of 180 days will require a short-term visa, which is known as the Schengen visa. This type of document will grant the right to stay in Czech Republic for maximum 90 days, but the holder of the visa can also visit other Schengen countries prior to the expiration of the document.

A Czech Republic visa for Pakistani, issued for a short-term period, can be requested by the legal residents of the country, namely persons who have the Pakistani citizenship, but also by the persons who have obtained the Czech long-term residence permit in this country. The procedure is started by addressing to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Islamabad. This embassy also handles the visa applications from the citizens of Afghanistan.

According to the Czech immigration law, the persons who are holders of a diplomatic passport do not need to apply for a short-term stay visa. The process of obtaining a Czech Republic visa for Pakistani has to be started by the person who needs a visa and the person should be able to provide the following:

• a complete application form (persons with an age below 15 years old will not sign their own applications, their legal guardian must do so);
• a valid passport that must have an expiration date with at least 90 days later that the date at which the visa expires;
• a photograph with a size of minimum 3,5 x 4,5 cm and the proof on the payment of the visa fee;
• the visa fee, starting with 2nd of February 2020, was increased to EUR 80 from EUR 60 (for children with an age between 6 and 12 years old the fee for the Czech Republic visa for Pakistani is of EUR 40);
• travel medical insurance that covers medical expenses – the value of the insurance contract has to be of minimum EUR 30,000.

The visa applicant must provide any other documents which are specified by the Annex III of the European Commission Implementing Decision of 24.10.2018. Applicants must know that the visa application process can be completed in approximately 15 days in standard situations, but the duration of the procedure can increase to more than a month.

The process of obtaining a Czech Republic visa for Pakistani can be started with 6 months prior to the arrival date; however, Pakistani citizens should know that not all applications will be accepted and if an application is rejected, one is entitled to an appeal; you can find out more information on this subject from our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic.

Do Pakistani citizens need a long-term visa in Czech Republic?

Yes, it is necessary to apply for a long-term visa if moving to Czech Republic for a period longer than 90 days. This will create the obligation to obtain a temporary residence permit. It must be noted that one can obtain the long-term visa for purposes such as studies, employment or other purposes that are prescribed by the Czech immigration law.

Are there any requirements for the Czech airport transit visa?

The necessity of having a Czech Republic visa for Pakistani is also imposed when simply arriving in a Czech airport or in any other airport of the Schengen area. This situation will require foreigners to apply for an airport transit visa, which is a type of document that grants only the right of being present in the respective airport where the person has a connecting flight. If the transportation of the passengers is done by sea, then they will need a transit Schengen visa for seafarers.

The Czech migration rules and the EU rules stipulate that, in the case in which the person has more connecting flights in the Schengen area, then the foreigner should apply for a Schengen visa. You can contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic for additional information on how to obtain any of the three categories of visas presented in this article. Our lawyer can also represent you in the process of obtaining the Czech citizenship.