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Czech Republic Visa for Citizens From Kuwait

Czech Republic Visa for Citizens From Kuwait

The procedure for Czech Republic visa in Kuwait is necessary for two types of visas: the short-term visa, known as the Schengen visa, and the long-term visa, which allows a foreigner to stay in this country for minimum 90 days and up to one year, with the possibility of extending the visa (as long as the purpose of the stay is maintained as the one granted in the first visa).

Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present the applicable legislation with regards to the issuance of the visa, as well as the types of documents a citizen of Kuwait should prepare when arriving here for a given purpose. If you are considering long-term relocation to Czech Republic, please address to our lawyer for advice on the immigration procedures applicable to third country nationals, as well as for legal assistance in obtaining a Czech long term residence permit.

What are the regulations for a short-term visa in Czech Republic?

Currently, persons applying for a Czech Republic visa in Kuwait are legally required to obtain a short-term visa when arriving in this country, regardless of the purpose of their stay. However, it must be noted that the officials of the European Union (EU) and the ones of Kuwait are negotiating on the possibility of providing an exemption on the need of applying for a Schengen visa. With regards to the Schengen visa, foreigners should know the following:

• at the moment, there are 62 nations that have reached a visa-free regime with the EU;
• the Schengen visa grants the right of visiting all the Schengen states (26 states, with 22 of them that are members of the EU as well);
• in 2016, the authorities of all Schengen states have received 174,765 visa applications from the citizens of Kuwait;
• in that year, most of the applications received a positive answer (164,742 applications), marking a low rejection rate, of only 4.9%;
• compared to 2017, there were more applications for Schengen visa made by the Kuwaiti citizens, marking an increase of 5%.

Those who want to apply for a Czech Republic visa in Kuwait can start the application process with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Kuwait with three months prior to their visit and up to 15 days prior to the departure. Still, it is recommended to start this process in due time, as the visa application processing time lasts approximately 15 days. If the process has not been completed at the moment when the person must depart for Czech Republic, the person will not be able to enter the Czech territory.

What are the documents for long-term Czech Republic visa in Kuwait?

If the foreigner is interested in moving to Czech Republic for a longer period of time, which, under the Czech law, is defined as any stay with a duration of more than 90 days, then it will be necessary to apply for a long-term visa. When we refer to third country nationals, as it is the case of Kuwait citizens, it must be noted that only few such countries benefit from an exemption.

Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present the procedures one should expect during the issuance of the visa. One should also know that the decision on the right of obtaining the visa will not be taken by the representatives of the embassy where one has lodged the application. The Czech Ministry of Interior will decide on this matter, based on the applicable regulations. For the issuance of the Czech Republic visa in Kuwait, one should prepare the following:

• the passport and two photographs respecting the EU regulations on this matter;
proof of accommodation in Czech Republic (a rental agreement or other similar documents);
• documents presenting the purpose of stay (studies, employment, family reunification programs);
• if the Czech authorities will require, one should present information on his or her current health state (by providing evidence of not having specific infectious diseases);
• the applicant must have travel medical insurance and all these documents have to be submitted in person.

The long-term visa, which is known as the D-visa, can be obtained for a wide range of reasons. Besides studies and employment in this country, one can apply for it for medical reasons, cultural reasons, business purposes, accompanying a family member, participating in the family reunification programs and other legal reasons that are prescribed by the Czech immigration law, which also prescribes the legal pathways through which a foreigner can obtain the Czech citizenship. 

Persons who need to apply for a Czech Republic visa in Kuwait can request more details from our lawyer. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can represent foreigners in this process and can offer advice on how to apply for a Czech long term residence permit, as well as on the steps one can take in order to become a Czech citizen, by applying for the Czech citizenship. This can be done through naturalization in the case of a foreigner who is not related in any way with a local national and for this, one must have permanent residency here.