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Obtain Czech Republic Work Permit

Obtain Czech Republic Work Permit

Persons moving to Czech Republic may be required to apply for a work permit. This regulation can apply depending on the foreigners’ nationalities. For example, persons who are citizens of the European Union (EU) do not need to apply for a work permit in Czech Republic. Other nationalities may be required to apply for a work permit, and others will also need a visa in order to be able to work here.

The Czech immigration law provides two basic types of work permits, addressed to unskilled employees and to skilled employees. These documents have to be obtained by third country nationals and foreigners should know that if they apply for a work permit, they do not need to apply separately for a short-term or Czech long term residence permit, as the work permit will grant the right of moving to Czech Republic for the duration of permit. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present more details on how to apply for a local work permit.

What types of work permits are available in Czech Republic?

Those relocating to Czech Republic for employment purposes have the options of applying for an Employee Card, which is issued for general employment purposes, including for persons who are not skilled in a specific field of activity, or they may apply for the EU Blue Card, a document which can be granted only to those who have a degree in a field of activity.

The logistics behind the issuance of a work permit to a foreigner implies several local institutions, the companies seeking for employees and the local workforce. The work permits can be made available to foreigners only after the employers proved that they were not able to hire local employees that could meet the needs of the respective job vacancy.

Persons who take into consideration moving to Czech Republic for employment purposes should be aware that once they have received a work permit for a given job vacancy in a certain company, they are not entitled to change their employer. If this will happen, then the permit will no longer be considered valid. This regulation is not applicable only in Czech Republic, is a basic requirement for all work permits issued in the European Union (EU), as regulated by the procedures of the European Commission (EC).

What is the process of obtaining a EU Blue Card in Czech Republic?

One of the Czech Republic work permits addressed to foreigners is the EU Blue Card. Some of the basic conditions for receiving this document is to have a diploma in a given field, or a long experience in working in that field. As a general rule, the application has to be made at the Czech consulate or embassy registered in the country where the person resides, but exemptions from this are available.

For example, persons who have already completed the process of relocating to Czech Republic (and who lived here under a visa) can apply for the EU Blue Card with the Czech Ministry of Interior. At the same time, if the foreigner has been living in another EU member state, then he or she can address to the respective Ministry of Interior when moving to Czech Republic under this type of work permit. Persons relocating here for employment purposes can also move here on a permanent basis and even become Czech citizens, by applying for the Czech citizenship.

The applicant must meet specific requirements imposed under the Czech migration legislation. Firstly, the person must have a signed employment contract with a local employer. Then, the annual gross salary for the job obtained here must be of at least 1.5 times the value of the annual gross salary prescribed by the national law. Other basic conditions are the following:

• starting with 1st of May 2019, the minimum monthly salary of a EU Blue Card holder is of CZK 47,828;
• this accounted for an increase of 8.1% compared to 2018;
• provided that the applicant has dependent persons in his or her care, the Czech immigration law states that the person is entitled to receive a minimum subsistence amount of CZK 2,200;
• the validity of the EU Blue Card is of 2 years, but the document can be renewed;
• the document can be issued for employment contracts with a duration of at least 1 year.

The procedures for applying for an Employee Card are similar with the ones applicable in the case of the EU Blue Card, the difference being that other types of documents will be necessary; our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present further information on this subject and can help you obtain a Czech long term residence permit.

Having a Czech Republic work permit can grant the right of permanent residency in this country, as long as the duration of the stay is of at least 5 years. However, in order to achieve this, the person must make the proof of having certain language skills. For more details on this subject, we invite you to address to our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic. You can also contact our lawyer for advice on the procedure of obtaining the Czech citizenship.