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Family Reunion Visa for Czech Republic

Family Reunion Visa for Czech Republic

The citizens of jurisdictions which are considered third countries in relation with Czech Republic, who are currently living here, are allowed to bring their family members in this country. For this purpose, the respective family members can apply for the family reunion visa in Czech Republic.

This type of visa is available only for the family members of third country nationals, as the citizens of the European Union (EU) living in Czech Republic are not imposed with any restrictions. The family reunion visa in Czech Republic is generally meant for close family members of persons relocated here, such as spouses, children or parents.

Where can one apply for the Czech family reunion visa?

The process of applying for a family reunion visa in Czech Republic begins with the applicant (or applicants) who wants to arrive here. The procedure has to be started in the country where the person is a citizen. However, exemptions from this rule do apply. For instance, if the citizen of a third country has his or her permanent residency in another country, then the person can apply at the Czech embassy or consulate in the respective country.

It is also necessary to know that the citizens of specific countries can apply at any Czech embassy in the world; you can find out information on the updated list from our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic. The list contains approximately 40 nationalities, such as Americans or Australians.

When applying for a family reunion visa in Czech Republic, a person will make, at the same time, an application for long-term residency in this country. This type of document can be granted to family members of foreigners who are the holders of permanent residency permits; if you are planning relocating to Czech Republic, you can receive professional assistance from our lawyer.

In what situations can one obtain a Czech family reunification document?

As we presented above, this type of document can be obtained by applicants who are related to a foreign national living here. Applicants can be children or spouses, but the person living in Czech Republic has to comply with specific conditions in order for his or her family members to be entitled to apply for a family reunion visa in Czech Republic. The below mentioned aspects are currently in force, as per the Czech migration law:

• the foreign resident has been the holder of a Czech permanent residence or long-term residence permit for at least 15 months;
• in the case in which the foreign national will reunite with his or her spouse, both of them must have an age of at least 20 years old;
• the foreign national has been living in Czech Republic for at least 6 months and he or she is the holder of an Employee Card;
• the applicant is the relative of a foreign national living here and the applicant is a solitary person with an age above 65 years old.

The applicants for a family reunion visa in Czech Republic should know that the document can be issued for a period of one year or for two years. The legal requirements that one should meet when applying for this document are prescribed by the Czech Ministry of Interior.

When preparing the list of documents that must be submitted with the Czech institutions, it is necessary to provide copies of all the documents that are included in the application. Some of the basic papers refer to the following: the passport, the application form, documents attesting the family relations that the applicant has with the person who lives in Czech Republic and other required papers.

In the case in which the application receives a positive response, then the applicant has to add to the file a travel medical insurance, which is a compulsory paper for the issuance of a visa in this country. The travel medical insurance has to be valid for the entire period for which the family reunion visa in Czech Republic is valid.

It is also customarily to provide documents showing that the applicant has paid the required premium for the issuance of the travel medical insurance, which must be recognized by the Czech institutions. The decision on the issuance of the visa, which grants the right of moving to Czech Republic, will generally be issued in a period of 60 to 90 days, but in practice in may take longer than this.

Another requirement when moving to Czech Republic is to register with the local police authorities and this procedure should be completed within the three first days after the arrival. Additional documents and steps can be imposed and you may contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic for in-depth advice on the procedure. Our lawyer can help you information on any matter regulated by the Czech immigration law.