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Immigrate to Czech Republic from New Zealand

Immigrate to Czech Republic from New Zealand

The Czech Republic immigration law provides the opportunity to arrive here visa free, in certain circumstances. These are determined by the nationality and the duration of stay and, when referring to persons who want to immigrate to Czech Republic from New Zealand, it must be noted that visa exemptions are in force.

This is possible as long as the foreigner arriving from New Zealand holds a New Zealand passport and if the duration of the stay is maximum 90 days. In other conditions, visa formalities apply and our immigration lawyers in Czech Republic can assist on the main visas one can apply for.

Working Holiday visa for New Zealanders in Czech Republic

Foreigners arriving from New Zealand can apply for a variety of visas, which are created for other nationalities as well. However, it must be noted that there are certain visas aiming directly at New Zealanders and one of these is the working holiday program.

Through this visa program, one can move to Czech Republic from New Zealand for work, study/training and tourism for a limited period of time. The visa is designed for young New Zealanders, therefore it will provide temporary residency in Czech Republic. Some of the highlights of the program are presented in the list below:

  • the working holiday program, allowing New Zealanders to relocate to Czech Republic from New Zealand for work and travel, was signed in Prague on 11 October 2004;
  • it is addressed to New Zealand passport holders with an age of minimum 18 years old and maximum 35 years old (for many other countries, the age is limited to 30);
  • applicants must have return ticket or the proof that they can buy a return ticket at a later date (for this, they need to provide evidence of having at least CZK 40,000 or its equivalent in the NZ dollars);
  • the visa is issued for 12 months and it can’t be extended;
  • it is also necessary to pay a processing fee of CZK 2,500.

Because this visa type is created for the purpose of traveling and discovering the country, while employment being a secondary matter, applicants do not have to apply for a work permit, as it can be the case of other visas. Our immigration lawyers in Czech Republic can offer further information on other characteristics of this visa program.

Czech digital nomad visa for New Zealanders

It is also possible to immigrate to Czech Republic from New Zealand for a longer period of time under the digital nomad program. Digital nomad visas have become increasingly popular across Europe and, in 2023, the Czech authorities have finalized the legal framework of this visa type, under the Government Decree No. 475 of June 28, 2023.

The digital nomad program is limited to only a few nationalities and it aims to attract on the local market freelancers and employees of foreign companies, as long as they develop a work activity related to the IT industry. At the moment, only 8 countries are part of this program, one of which is New Zealand.

Thus, IT specialists can move to Czech Republic from New Zealand if they qualify for other basic conditions of the program. It must be noted that this visa allows qualifying applicants to immigrate to Czech Republic with their close family members (spouses, partners, children with an age of up to 26 years old).

The visa is also issued for a period of 12 months, but there is the possibility to apply for an extension and, moreover, to participate in courses for the integration in the Czech society, therefore, this program can be used as a way to meet some of the future demands for Czech citizenship, provided that one wants to relocate here permanently.

If you want to relocate to Czech Republic from New Zealand under other programs (or you don’t qualify for the ones presented above) you can always contact our team of lawyers for professional legal assistance on other options that can be suitable for your case.