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How to Obtain Long Term Visa in Czech Republic

How to Obtain Long Term Visa in Czech Republic

The long-term visa in Czech Republic is issued for foreigners who are interested in staying here for a period longer than 90 days. The application process starts at the embassy or consulate in the country where the applicant is a national or a permanent resident of the respective country.

The long-term visa in Czech Republic can be granted to third country foreigners for a wide range of reasons, such as: employment purposes, studies, family, business, sports or culture. The application must be made by submitting a set of documents, including the standard application form required by the local authorities. Foreigners must also expect to pay a processing fee; more details upon this subject can be presented by our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic. Those who consider permanent relocation here can also address to our lawyer for advice for the Czech citizenship requirements.

What documents are necessary for the issuance of the Czech long-term visa?

The long-term visa can be a type of immigration document used by those moving to Czech Republic. In order to receive this document, the applicant should submit his or her travel document in original, a photograph, the proof of accommodation in this country, documentation presenting the purpose for which the visa is granted and proof on the funding necessary to live here for the duration of the visa.

These are the basic documents an applicant must prepare, but upon request, the applicant should be able to add to the application file an extract from the Penal Register record in his or her home country or the one of the country where the person has had his or her last residency.

Besides this, the Czech immigration law can request documents presenting the health state of the applicant (in this sense, the Ministry of Health may require documents regarding any infectious illnesses). The applicant must also have a health travel insurance.

Although the application for the long-term visa in Czech Republic is done with the consulate or the embassy in the country where the person currently lives, foreigners must know that the documents will be processed by the Czech Ministry of Interior, which has the full responsibility regarding the issuance of the document.

Our team can give you specific details about the documents needed when applying for Czech residency by investment.

When can the long-term visa in Czech Republic be rejected?

Although Czech Republic is the recipient of numerous visa applications and although most of them receive a positive answer, it must be noted that a share of these applications is usually rejected by the local authorities due to various reasons (such reasons can be related to procedural mistakes made by the applicant or if the local institutions consider that there isn’t enough evidence that the long-term visa in Czech Republic must be granted for a particular situation).

For example, foreigners can lose the right of moving to Czech Republic under a long-term visa if they fail to present for the interview established with the embassy or consulate of the Czech Republic. Not providing all the documents can also lead to the rejection of the application, which can also be the case if the person fails to submit all the papers in due time.

Misleading information or false declarations are also a legal ground for not receiving the long-term visa in Czech Republic. Persons who have the status of persona non grata or those registered in the Schengen Information System may lose this right as well. Additional reasons can apply and you can find out more details from our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic.

What are the fees for long-term residents in Czech Republic?

Persons applying for the right of residing here on a long-term basis should know that the issuance of specific documents is free of charge, while others will require the payment of a fee. The fees for the issuance of a long-term visa in Czech Republic are administered by the Ministry of Interior, the following being available:

• the issuance of a visa for long-term stays (longer than 90 days) has a fee of CZK 1,000;
• persons moving to Czech Republic who want to apply for a Czech long-term residence permit will need to a pay a fee of CZK 2,500;
long-term residence permits for applicants with an age below 15 years old is charged with a fee of CZK 1,000;
• the extension of a Czech long-term residence permit is charged with a fee of CZK 2,500;
• changing the information of a long-term residence permit holder is charged with CZK 1,000.

We invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic for additional information on the issuance of the long-term visa. Our lawyer can present the visa exemptions that can apply for this category of document and may assist with personalized advice on how to apply for a residence permit in this country. You can also rely on our lawyer for advice on the issuance of a work permit or work related visa, as well as for the Czech citizenship application procedure.