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How to Obtain Partner Visa in Czech Republic

How to Obtain Partner Visa in Czech Republic

The partner visa in Czech Republic is also known as the partnership visa. However, foreigners must know that these names do not actually refer to a visa, but merely to a residence permit that can be obtained when moving to Czech Republic. From an official view point, the partner visa in Czech Republic is known as the temporary residency permit for EU family members.

The partner visa in Czech Republic is a type of immigration document that can be obtained by persons who are citizens of countries outside the European Union (EU) who are in a relationship with a EU citizen. The document provides numerous rights to its holder, such as the right of moving to Czech Republic for the purpose of working, living here or obtaining a Czech long term residence permit.

It must be noted that a great advantage of this immigration document is that the persons who have a relationship do not have to be married in order to receive the partner visa. It is sufficient just to have a relationship and the document can also be issued to same-sex couples. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can offer in-depth legal advice on the steps that must be taken in order to apply for this document. The partner visa in Czech Republic can also be obtained by family members of EU citizens, who will be allowed to relocate here on a short term basis or by obtaining a Czech residence permit for long term puporses.

What are the advantages of the partner visa in Czech Republic?

The partner visa in Czech Republic provides multiple advantages and it represents a very straightforward way for relocating here. For example, this is the single document that is similar to a visa for which the applicants do not have to apply at the embassy or the consulate operating in their home countries (as it is the case of other visas that have to be obtained by non-EU individuals).

Instead, in the case of the partner visa the applicants can complete their application while being in this country, although certain exemptions are available. The application process can typically last approximately 60 days, but it may take even longer than this for the Czech authorities to provide a positive or a negative answer. During this period of time, the non-EU citizen will still be able to live in this country under legal terms, as, after the application is made, he or she will receive a temporary document.

Another important advantage, one of the most relevant for those moving to Czech Republic, is that the partner visa grants the right of working here. And this right is granted since the moment when the application was submitted with the local institutions (the applicant does not need to wait for a positive answer in order to apply for a job vacancy).

An additional advantage of the partner visa in Czech Republic is the validity of the document. Other documents will grant the right to residency in this country for one year or two years and then, the holder of the documents can renew them, but in this case, the partner visa can be issued for a period of 5 years. After staying here under a permanent residence permit, the person will be entitled to applying for the Czech citizenship.

For most of the family reunification documents (granted in the form of a visa), the foreigners should comply with specific standards and make proof of kinship, marriage, and other basic requirements. The partner visa in Czech Republic does not impose any of these requirements and persons who just date or who declare that they are in a relationship can benefit from the advantages of this residence permit; our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present more details on other relevant advantages.

The partner visa in Czech Republic is also addressed to same-sex couples, but it must be noted that all couples have to present strong evidence on the stability of the relationship. Matters such as knowing each other’s family, sharing costs, living together, having a relationship for at least a year and others can be important aspects when applying for this document.

Other requirements are stipulated by the Czech Ministry of Interior, where the application has to be made. When referring to the number of residence permits issued in Czech Republic, Eurostat, the European Commission’s main statistical office, has gathered the following data (for 2017 and 2018):

• in 2017, Czech Republic issued a total of 57,721 residence permits;
• out of these, 15,448 were issued for family related reasons (in 2018);
• this accounted for a share of 26.8% of all the residence permits issued in that year;
• in 2018, the number of residence permit increased at 71,201 documents;
• residence permits that were granted for family related reasons accounted for 23.2% of all the documents (16,512 permits).

Persons wishing to apply for a partner visa in Czech Republic are invited to receive more details from our lawyer. Please contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic for advice on the documents one must submit in this case, as well as for information on the procedures the Czech authorities may apply for this type of residence permit. You can rely on our attorney for any matter related to the issuance of the Czech citizenship as well.