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Relocate from UK to Czech Republic

Relocate from UK to Czech Republic

Considering that the United Kingdom (UK) has recently exited the European Union (EU), the regulations regarding the immigration of British citizens will also change. UK citizens enjoyed the same rights the EU citizens had, but the right of free movement will be abolished and the British nationals will be required to comply with immigration regulations applicable to third country nationals.

However, those moving to Czech Republic from the UK must know that the benefits they had as EU citizens will be maintained up until 31st of December 2020, which represents the end of the transition period, a period in which the UK institutions and the EU institutions will create a legal framework regarding the movement of persons from the EU to UK and vice versa. More information on the applicable procedures can be obtained from our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic. You can also rely on us for obtaining the Czech citizenship.

What is the Withdrawal Agreement?

The Withdrawal Agreement represents a document which states the legal procedures that will be implemented throughout this year and establishes the terms applicable to UK citizens living in Czech Republic and other EU countries, with regards to their stay in the respective countries. At the same time, it establishes the terms applicable to EU citizens currently living in the UK.

Under this agreement, UK citizens will maintain the rights they have had as EU citizens, which means that they will be able to work and live in this country following the same legal rights. UK citizens who have already obtained the Czech residency (both the short-term residence permit and the Czech long term residence permit) will be able to maintain this status and they will be covered by the provisions of the agreement. Those who have a long-term residence permit can apply for the citizenship if this is of interest for them. Our team can provide you with more details if you wish to know about the process and the conditions/eligibility criteria for obtainign Czech citizenship.

Persons who are currently moving to Czech Republic are advised to apply for the Czech residency (short-term, long-term or permanent, as the case is) in order to maintain the right of living in this country without any legal issues and our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present extensive information on each type of document.

We invite you to watch a short presentation on how to immigrate from UK to Czech Republic:

What are the legal requirements for UK citizens to relocate to Czech Republic?

Currently, UK citizens retain the right to relocate to Czech Republic following the same rules available for other EU citizens. This means that, upon their arrival in this country, they do not need to have a visa in order to enter the Czech territory. This right is addressed only to British citizens who have a full British passport. At the same time, this right is granted to persons who are British citizens, but who are not British nationals.

It must be noted that persons who arrive from the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, which are British territories, are not entitled to the benefits of free movement of persons or services. This right is granted only to those living in such islands who are directly related to UK nationals (by birth, descendance or residency in the UK).

UK nationals are defined as persons who live in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Those who do not qualify under these requirements will need to apply for a visa if they are interested in moving to Czech Republic or to another EU country and specific conditions are stipulated by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London.

How many British citizens live in Czech Republic?

Although the UK is famous for the large number of foreigners who arrive in this country for various reasons, mostly related to employment, it is worth knowing that a large number of British citizens have relocated to European countries. A part of them relocated on a permanent basis, while other relocated for employment related matters. When we refer to the number of British persons moving to Czech Republic, the following information is available:

• in 2019, the Ministry of Interior in Czech Republic registered more than 8,000 British citizens living here;
• the number of British citizens who had a permanent residency here was of 2,666;
• in 2016, there were 6,111 British citizens living in Czech Republic, out of which 1,716 were registered as permanent residents;
• the number of British persons employed in Czech Republic also increased, from 3,277 in June 2016, to 4,464 at the end of 2019;
• currently, the British citizens account for 1% of the EU workforce available on the Czech market.

Given the fact that the legislation regarding the immigration of British citizens in the EU countries is subjected to constant updates, it is recommended to contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic for more information. Our lawyer can provide more details on the rules of law that will be applicable starting with 2021 and can assist British nationals in receiving any details on the procedure of obtaining a Czech residence permit for long-term purposes.