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Relocate from US to Czech Republic

Relocate from US to Czech Republic

Although the United States of American (USA) is a third country, as seen from the Czech immigration law perspective, American citizen must know that they benefit from special exemptions when relocating here. The rules of law which prescribe the specific situations addressed to American citizens are given by the Regulations No. 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the European Council and the Act No. 326/1999 Coll.

American citizens considering moving to Czech Republic for a short-term period of time or for a long-term period can receive information on the obligations they have from our lawyer. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present when an American citizen has to apply for a Czech long term residence permit or a visa in this country and when such a national is entitled to a visa exemption. You can also rely on our lawyer for advice on the Czech citizenship requirements applicable here.

Do American citizens need a Czech visa for short-term stays?

A short-term stay in Czech Republic is defined as a period of time in which a foreigner lives in this country or in any of the Schengen countries for a period of up to 90 days spent in these countries withing 180 days. Although American citizens are not citizens of the EU or of the European Economic Area (EEA), they do not need a short-term visa for Czech Republic or for any other Schengen countries, an exemption prescribed by the Regulations No. 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the European Council.

However, American citizens must be aware that this right is granted as long as the purpose of moving to Czech Republic for a short period of time is related to traveling or business purposes, but the stay can’t be related to working in this country, as a different document will be required (a work permit), which is issued based on other legal grounds.

Do Americans need a business visa for Czech Republic?

Yes, businessmen who want to set up a business or make an investment in the Czech economy are required to apply for a business visa. The application process has to be started at the Czech Consular Office associated with the region where the American citizen has his or her permanent residency. It must be noted that the place where the application is made is the place where the business visa will be issued.

The Czech Republic immigration law stipulates that a business visa can be issued only in the case in which the American investor will live in this country for a period longer than 90 days. The applicant has to be present in the USA at the moment when the visa is issued, so that it can be added to his or her passport; thus, the application must be made in due time prior to the arrival in the Czech Republic.

The person applying for a business visa has to complete the application for long-stay visa form, submit two recent photographs, the passport in the original version, the proof of having sufficient financial resources when moving to Czech Republic and the proof on the reason of stay in this country.

Please note that the minimum financial requirement the American citizen must meet is having at least CZK 101,000 per one year of stay. At the moment when the person applies for a business visa, he or she must have already made the necessary arrangements for living in Czech Republic, as the person must have accommodation in this country. Besides these, the applicant must prepare a criminal history background, have a travel insurance and pay the application fee.

Our team can provide more information to US nationals interested in the Czech residency by investment option.

Those moving to Czech Republic for employment purposes will have to lodge similar documents and to respect the requirements imposed by the labor law applicable here. Regulations that can apply to American citizens relocating for work purposes can be found at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the institution which is in charge with supervising the local workforce.

How many Americans live in Czech Republic?

The number of American citizens living in Czech Republic is not very representative compared to the total number of foreigners living in this country. Although there aren’t many US nationals living here, it must be noted that the number of those moving to Czech Republic increased at a steady rate, as follows:

• in 2006, there were only 4,411 American citizens living here;
• at the level of 2011, there were 5,960 Americans who had a Czech long term residence permit or temporary residency in Czech Republic;
• in 2011, the number of Americans living in Prague, the capital city of the country, was of 3,719;
• in that year, there were 1,278 registered Americans who have arrived here on a long-term visa;
• at the level of June 2016, there were 3,909 Americans living in Prague;
• in 2017, the total number of Americans moving to Czech Republic was of 8,966.

We invite American citizens to address to our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic for advice on any of the procedures involved when relocating here for studies, employment, business purposes or even for obtaining the Czech citizenship. Our lawyer can present the full list of documents available for each specific case.