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How to Obtain Residence Permit in Czech Republic

How to Obtain Residence Permit in Czech Republic

A residence permit in Czech Republic is a type of document that grants the right of living here on a definite or indefinite period of time. All foreigners relocating to Czech Republic have to apply for a temporary residence permit in the case in which they will live here for a period longer than three months.

There is also the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit in Czech Republic, but this right is granted only if the foreigner lived in this country for a period of minimum five years. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present the main requirements foreigners should follow for the issuance of the residence permit; our attorney can also assist with advice on the steps that must be taken upon the renewal of the document.

Do EU citizens need a temporary residence permit in Czech Republic in 2021?

The citizens of the European Union (EU) who want to stay in Czech Republic for periods longer than three months can apply for a temporary residence permit if they prefer to do so, but the Czech immigration law does not impose this as an obligation.

However, having a temporary residence permit as a EU citizen moving to Czech Republic can provide certain benefits when registering with various institutions. EU citizens who want to obtain this document can register their residence in the Czech Republic with the Ministry of Interior. You can also rely on our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic for assistance.

In order to do so, the following documents are necessary: complete a standard application form, provide a personal identification document (identity card or the passport), provide a document which states the purpose of the stay, add a recent photograph with the standard size, offer proof of having medical insurance (the document is not necessary if the purpose of moving to Czech Republic is related to employment) and a proof of the place where the applicant currently lives.

As a EU citizen, it is recommended to apply for a temporary residence permit in the case in which you are interested in relocating to Czech Republic for a longer period of time. This means that having a temporary residence permit issued since the beginning of the stay will become helpful when the person will want to apply for a permanent residence permit.

On what legal grounds can one obtain a long-term residence permit in 2021?

The long-term residence permit in Czech Republic can be obtained for multiple purposes. Third country nationals moving to Czech Republic for a longer period of time can apply for this document for one of the following reasons: scientific research, studies, employment, seeking employment, business purposes, or family reunification programs. Czech residency by investment is also possible under certain conditions.

The legislation which regulates the manner in which the document can be issued is prescribed under the Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals, which can be detailed by our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic, and the Administrative Code. Applicants must also know that the application can be rejected, but each applicant has the right to appeal the decision.

Please mind that the legislation on immigration in Czech Republic which regulates the procedures through a foreigner can obtain the permanent residence permit has been recently modified. Thus, if you want to obtain a permanent residence permit in 2021 you must comply with new language requirements. Here, you must know that starting with 1st July 2021, you must comply with the A2 level Czech language certification in order to be able to obtain permanent residency in this country.

How many foreigners reside in Czech Republic?

The number of foreigners living in Czech Republic has gradually expanded in the last 3 decades. The data stored by the Czech Statistical Office divides the foreigners who have a legal residency in this country in foreigners who have obtained long-term residence permits and foreigners with permanent residency, as follows:

• in 1985, there were 37,177 foreigners (27,892 had permanent residency and 8,891 had long-term residency permits);
• in 1994, there were more than 100,000 foreigners (104,343 persons, out of which 33,164 had permanent residency);
• the 200,000 persons threshold was reached few years later, in 1997, when there were 210,311 persons (56,797 with permanent residency);
• in 2006, there were more than 300,000 persons living here (321,456, out of which 139,185 decided moving to Czech Republic on a permanent basis);
• the 400,000 foreigner threshold was reached in 2008, with more than 437,565 persons (172,191 had permanent residency);
• in 2017, the Czech immigration authorities registered the 500,000 persons threshold (524,142 persons, with 281,489 permanent residents).

More details on how to become a permanent resident of Czech Republic can be obtained from our lawyer. Foreigners should take into consideration that permanent residency has specific requirements, including the language abilities that the person must prove. For more details on how to obtain any of the residence permits prescribed by the Czech immigration law, please contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic.