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Temporary Residence in Czech Republic

Temporary Residence in Czech Republic

One of the residence permits available for foreigners is the one for temporary residence in Czech Republic. The necessity of having a temporary residence permit is imposed based on the nationality of the foreigner – here, there are two main categories of foreigners: persons who are citizens of the European Union (EU), who do not need a Czech Republic temporary residence permit, and non-EU citizens, who will have to obtain the document.

If you plan on moving to Czech Republic and you need to obtain a residence document, you can request legal advice and legal representation from our lawyer. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic is qualified to represent you in this process, and to assist you when preparing the documents required in this case.

As said above, the document is not a legal requirement when moving to Czech Republic, if the applicants are from the EU community. However, according to the rules prescribed by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, EU citizens are entitled to request the issuance of a permit for temporary residence in Prague or, if they live outside the capital city, for another town or region.

Temporary residence in Czech Republic for EU citizens

One can apply for this document if the duration of the stay is longer than 3 months; thus, the document is necessary when moving to Czech Republic for a longer period of time, but is should not be confused with a permanent residence permit, which grants the right to live in this country on an indefinite basis.

If you are interested in permanent residency in this country, you will have to fulfill other conditions, and you can address to our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic for advice on the basic criteria. If you want to obtain a permit for temporary residence in Czech Republic, you will have to prepare the following documents: an identity document or travel document, information regarding the purpose of stay and on the accommodation in this country, medical insurance and a photograph.

What should third-country nationals know on temporary residence in Czech Republic?

As a national of a country outside the EU, you will have to verify the Czech Republic immigration law, as the procedures may vary based on the nationality of the applicant. First, the applicant has to know whether he or she has to obtain a visa upon the arrival in the country.

Since the Czech Republic temporary residence permit is required after living here for 3 months, the applicant must see what are the legal obligations he or she should fulfill in the first 3 months of stay. Thus, if you are a national of a country with which Czech Republic has signed specific immigration treaties, you will be entitled to arrive here without a visa.

This will be done following the rules and regulations of the Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals. However, if this does not apply, then you will first have to apply for a visa that will grant the right to moving to Czech Republic for a period of three months and then apply for a temporary residence permit.

If you would like to know details about the option of Czech residency by investment, our team can answer your question.

What is the immigration trend in Czech Republic?

Overall, the number of immigrants moving to Czech Republic has been increasing in the last decade. The numbers vary, of course, when we refer to temporary residence, permanent residence, the issuance of visas and other immigration papers. Below, you can find few details on how the immigration numbers evolved over the years:

  • according to the Czech Statistical Office, in 2010, there were 188,952 persons with permanent residency in this country, while in 2019, their number increased at 299,453;
  • in 2010, temporary residence in Prague and in other parts of the country accounted for 77,947 persons (persons with EU citizenship);
  • in 2019, there were 152,783 EU citizens with temporary residence in Czech Republic;
  • in 2010, long-term residency was granted to 148,856 persons and in 2019, there were only 130,100 persons;
  • overall, the number of immigrants increased – in 2010, there were 424,291 foreigners, and in 2019, there were 593,366 persons.

If you are an EU citizen, the permit for temporary residence in Czech Republic can be a useful document in the case in which you want to obtain Czech identity number issued in your name – this can be needed in numerous situations, for instance, when registering a vehicle in this country or when dealing with local banks, as some banking institutions will require foreigners to have an identity number issued by the local institutions.

So, although not mandatory, the Czech Republic temporary residence permit can be important even for EU nationals. If you need further information on this document, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic, who can offer legal representation and advice on other immigration procedures as well.