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Obtain Visa for Czech Republic

Obtain Visa for Czech Republic

The Czech immigration law provides several categories of visas, designed for visiting the country (in this case, the visas are issued as short-term stay documents) or for those who want to use the immigration document as a way of moving to Czech Republic. The procedure for the issuance of the visa will vary based on the type of document the foreigner is interested in.

It must be noted that the Czech authorities do not require the citizens of the European Union (EU) to apply for a visa, as they are entitled to the free movement of persons in the EU area, a region of which the Czech Republic is a member state.

The Czech Republic visa requirements will also depend based on the reason for which the document is requested (visiting the country, business purposes, visiting family or friends living here, employment purposes and other legal reasons). Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present the list of procedures foreigners should comply with.

How can one obtain an airport visa in Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic visa requirements will impose foreigners from specific countries with the need of applying for an airport visa. The airport visa is a type of document that is used for transiting the Czech airport where the foreigner has a connecting flight to another destination. This document does not grant the right of visiting the country and the holder is not entitled to leave the Czech airport.

The airport visa is necessary for the citizens of countries such as: Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Liberia, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Sri Lanka and others; the full list of the nationalities that must apply for an airport visa can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

The foreigner applying for a visa for Czech Republic issued as a transit document should provide his or her personal identity document (the passport), complete a visa application form, submit the airplane ticket showing the travel itinerary, as well as the visa documents issued by the country which represents the final traveling destination.

How can a foreigner apply for a Schengen visa in Czech Republic?

Another type of visa available for foreigners is the Schengen visa, a document that is issued on the Czech territory starting with 2007, when the country became a member state of this structure. The Schengen visa is a short-term stay visa, that is provided to foreigners when they want to stay here for a period of maximum 90 days.

Thus, the document can’t be used as a valid document for moving to Czech Republic. It can only be used for traveling purposes, business purposes or visiting family or friends living in this country. The applicant must present a valid passport, the application form, submit a recent photograph with the standard form recognized in the Schengen zone and have a medical insurance with a value of at least EUR 30,000.

The Czech Republic visa requirements in this case will impose foreigners to make the proof of having sufficient financial means to live here for the given period of time, but they must also present documents stating their accommodation for the duration of the stay; other documents are necessary and our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present more details.

How many visas were issued in Czech Republic?

Numerous foreigners are interested in obtaining a visa for Czech Republic and the data on this subject shows that the demand for visa applications increases from one year to another. It must be noted that the highest share of visas issued here was for Schengen visas. According to the Czech Foreign Ministry report, the following data is available:

• in 2019, the Czech consulates and embassies received 813,000 visa applications;
• out of these applications, the highest rate, of 91%, was for Schengen visa for Czech Republic;
• compared to the previous years, the demand for Czech visas increased by 12.7%;
• the Czech Republic visa requirements stipulate that if a visa is rejected, the person has the right to an appeal, but this will require the applicant to pay a fee of EUR 60;
• in 2018, the authorities of all the Schengen states received more than 16 million visa applications.

Persons who are interested in how to obtain a visa for Czech Republic issued for long-term stays are invited to address to our lawyer. Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can present the formalities a foreign should complete in this case and can also provide assistance on the requirements of the local institutions. Our lawyer may also offer information on the nationalities that are exempt from applying for a visa for Czech Republic.